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What time to arrive at CDG airport in Paris??? early should we arrive at the airport when we leave Paris for Chicago when going home? I'd like to think 2 hours early is enough. We'll only have our carry on' luggage. Any opinions?

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CDG is notorious for taking serious time to go through. I would not plan on anything less than 3 hours. Same goes for FCO.


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I agree, allow at least 3 hours. I don't know what time your flight is or where you will be staying, but we caught the RER train to the airport on a weekday morning and the trains were packed like sardines. We couldn't get on the first one that came. I told my husband & daughter that we HAD to get on the next one, no matter what! We forced our way on. The train was so full I had to stand on my tip toes because there was not enough room to put my feet down. My husband had to pull another guy's foot in when the doors were closing. Thankfully we did not have a lot of bags! When we got off the train at the airport, the terminal we had to go to was quite a distance away (I think it might have been in Belgium... ;-)), and the line at the counter was long. We had about 10 or 15 minutes at the gate before they started boarding. I was worried we would miss our flight. Personally I would rather spend more time at the airport than miss a flight.

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And we arrived two and a half hours early in March (2009) and barely made our flight. Some people have good luck and go through quickly; you may not. Give yourself three hours just in case.

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I departed CDG one week ago via Aer Lingus. Arrived three hours early for a 10:25 flight & after finding the check-in counter, found three sleepy agents were just setting up & had to wait probably fifteen minutes while they accomplished this feat. Two hours would have been more than sufficient but this was a Sunday.

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We arrived 2 1/2 hours early on a Monday in March and had more than enough time. Even had a leisurely lunch.

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We'll be flying on United, leaving Paris on a Saturday morning at 11:25am, staying at hotel Muguet. How much would a taxi cost to the airport?

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Our taxi ride from ave. Suffren to CDG set us back 45 euro including 5 euro tip (he drove really fast). I've always used RER in the past, but my wife decided to buy about 60 pounds of copper pans at E. Dehillerine and the splurge was well worth it. BTW, get there 3 hours before your flight. Any extra time can be spent getting rid of your euro coins in the pay-as-you-go internet machines at your gate. Have fun!

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Three hours...

I have gotten through in 15 minutes....

I have gotten through in over two hours....

And this was BEFORE the TSA decided to protect us with the addtional "useless" search.

(Isn't have to re-search an admission that the first one was useless?)

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Sorry to contradict Kate who lives in Paris, but some airlines that fly from Paris to the USA use Terminal 1. If that's true for you, you can take the RER B to the CDG 1 station which is next to Terminal 3 and the free 24/7 CDGVAL driverless shuttle train from there to Terminal 1.

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If you can check in online and you're not checking bags, then 2 hours is plenty of time. I fly out of CDG at least once a month and I've never had problems. If you can check in online but not print your boarding pass, there are usually little kiosks to use or just tell one of the airline reps that you just need a boarding pass and they'll let you pass the check-bag line. All international flights are in terminal 2 and the RER drops you right in terminal 2.

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Allow three hours at the airport. It's really unpredictable these days, at any airport. I thought Amsterdam airport would be easy last year, in early December -- not the high tourist season at all. I took the train to the airport from Amsterdam and got there in what should have been plenty of time. But, due to a computer glitch, I couldn't print out my boarding pass at one of those self-service kiosks. Had to stand in line for almost an hour to see an agent at the ticket counter.

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2 years ago, our hotel told us 3 hours, just in case changes occur.