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What should I pack - Spain/September/10 days

Heading to Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Seville)in mid-September for 10 days. I'm packing light (using the Rick Steves Convertible Carry-on) and I need some recommendations on what and how much to pack. Guys have it easy, but I'm 29-year-old female who wants to look cute. Also any recommendations on minimizing wrinkles would be great! Thanks!

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My daughter and were in Spain in September. The weather was very pleasant-warm but not blazing hot. I recommend: 1 bathing suit,$1 rain poncho from Walmart,your 1 favorite jeans that you can dress up or down,1 light fabric skirt,1 light sweater/jacket for evening,1 very comfortable shoes for walking and 1 nice pair of sandles that will do for casual/dressy,2-3 light fabic shorts/pants are good and will wash and dry quickly-(wash in hotel sink,wring w/towel,hang and it should be dry by morning), several tops-2-3 casual and 2-3 that you can dress up. A few scarfs, beads, accessories, to change style. Try neutral colors for bottoms and color tops so you can interchange. I know it's hard to wear the same things over but only the people you are with will know and they'll be doing the same thing. When packing roll your clothes for less wrinkles. Don't even think about an iron--you are on vacation! Take things that don't wrinkle easily or at all. QVC carries Citiknits which I like.Good luck!

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Spain also has great shopping - Mango, Zara etc so pack light and buy things there if you need to. I have an aversion to ironing - anywhere. If I want to get creases out I hang the item in the bathroom with a hot shower going and the steam does a good job.

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I agree with Liz. Bring your bare necessity and you can match the old with the NEW clothes you'll buy in Spain! In Barcelona I got myself so many accessories in those open air markets, and even picked up scarves for my friends as souvenirs.

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I also need help - especially w/shoes! I'm not 20, but I'm not an old lady either. I usually wear heels to work (8hrs - no problem). Can walk fine in them. I can't stand Crocs or any "earthy" shoes.
PS Should say I'm just going to Spain for a month.

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Susan has great suggestions. My biggest problem was with shoes. I tried to cut down and cut too much. I needed something like boat shoes or moccasins. I had hiking boots, heeled dress thongs and flat thongs. Not enough for me! It rained so much. Take a rain jacket and small umbrella.

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Thanks everyone for the great responses! For shoes I just picked a pair of Barcelona by Keen...and no I did not buy them because of the name. I'm breaking them in right now. I am also bringing a pair of black sandals by Clark that I can dress up, but also walk forever in. I’ll also pack a pair of flip flops, just in case.