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What should a boy wear to a German wedding?

10 year old boy going to an evening wedding south of Munich this summer. Can they wear Blue Blazer, Khakis and Tie or does it have to be a suit? Not sure how dressy the wedding will be, it is at a very nice hotel on a lake.

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Well what does invitation say?? I personally think unless invitation says "black tie" your son will look very good as you describe. Most people do not expect a 10 yr old to own a suit,, but a tie and dress slacks with a button up shirt always look nice.
One of posters here ( JO) has lived in Germany for some years now and I am sure would be able to give you a more precise answer as to the level of formality normally expected,,, but , as I said,, the invitation should also be clear about what is expected also.

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Not a lot of little boys in Germany have suits unless they are from fairly wealthy families who go to a lot of formal functions. Most young boys get their first suit for confirmation or first communion. Have you asked the hosts what is expected? That is your easiest way of finding out how formal this wedding is. Personally, I think the blazer and tie sound fine, though since it is summer, the blazer will probably come off in a short period of time!

Andreas, as a German man, should be able to help. Andreas? Are you out there?

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From the wedding parties I've seen, I think the boy will be fine in a blazer and tie. Checking with the host is always a good idea.