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What's the name of that Berchtesgaden restaurant on Maxilmillianstr.?

It is accross the street from the parking lot, when you come around the big bend. The parking lot with the eagle statue, and over looks the river. The building I believe is white, and I thought it had a Hofbrauhaus symbol over the door. When you walk in the front door, there's a dining room to your right and left. Straight ahead is the front desk to the guest house. Great traditional bavarian place with lots of wood and deer heads. Help . . . . ?

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The only places that comes to mind are This Hotel or This Hotel. Not sure if these are the ones you're thinking of?

Hopefully someone here will have the answer?

Good luck!

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The only problem with the Hofbrauhaus is that it is on Brauhausstr., and this place is on Maximillian . . . It's driving me crazy. I can't find it anywhere on the net . . .

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Well, Brauhausstrasse runs right in to that street so maybe you saw a nearby street sign, or it's a really popular floor-plan for restaurants in that neighborhood :)