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What kind of stroller in Amsterdam?

My husband and I are going to be in AMS for 3 months with our 9 month old. We have a great Phil and Ted's 3-wheel stroller but we think it might be too big to maneuver through all the crowds. But a compact umbrella stroller probably wouldn't handle cobble stone streets very well and it wouldn't be as comfy for long walks for our son. We definitely need a stroller for a 3 month trip. What should we do?

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Since your trip is long, why not consider buying one once you get there? Your options will be what the locals use. And based on my experience as a parent, umbrella strollers aren't comfortable for long periods of time. My kids were crabs after a very short time when we had to use them.

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I like the umbrella strollers because they fold up and don't weigh much. I recall a lot more smooth surfaces in Amsterdam but I'm sure there were cobblestones somewhere. Everything is built for bikes so bridges have slopes rather than stairs and a stroller isn't too hard to negotiate.