What is the best day to visit Versailles ?

We arrive on a Sat. to Paris so that day is not good.
I read they are busy on Sunday. Closed Monday. Busy on Tues because it was closed on the Mon. Is Wed. a good day. It means staying an extra day for my itinery. :( Anyone go on a Tues? Thoughts please & Thank you

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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The fountains run on most Sundays in summer and sometimes on other days. When the schedule is released, you can compare that to your possible dates. For some, seeing the fountain show is worth it (extra cost and extra crowds) - not so much for others. If you do wish to see the runing fountains, check their schedule closely. Not all run at once and they turn each one of for only a few minutes at various times. That might not work with your schedule. You must also pay to enter the formal gardens on those days (otherwise free). It WILL be crowded on Sundays and Tuesdays, but also on Wednesdays. The key is to enter the palace as early as you can. Arrive before opening and try to be one of the first to enter. Or do the palace late in the day after most tour buses have left (after 4:00). I also suggest being flexible - if it rains the gardens are not much fun. Best to do Versailles on a nice day.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I think your trip was in September wasn't it? If so everyday will likely be crowded.. so really I would just suck it up and go when it works for you. I have been at least 8 or 9 times now, May-Oct... can't recall which days of the week though, but only on a fountian show day once, which seriously I thought was overrated. The Neptune fountain and a few others are quite impressive but they only run them for 30 minutes at a time, and only some of them at a time, and with hours in between running them, so its hard to see them all and you have to plan your route and look at the schedule to figure out which sections are running when which I found annoying and we gave up.
I also was very dissappointed by the "musical " aspect, its just tinned music blaring over speakers, the fountains are not co-ordinated to it or anything pariticularily special. For me, I would go on Wed, but I don't know if I would alter my whole trip over it9 not that an extra day in Paris could ever be :( to me, but :) , in which case just go on sunday or tuesday. The other thing I would do is keep my eye on weather reports while in Paris and try avoid a day in which heavy rain was predicted.

Posted by steven
white plains, ny, usa
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Shelley , I very much agree with Pat . Not only on Versailles but as a general principle about any destination . Obviously if you have a great deal of flexibility you can pick and choose your times , but reality dictatates to most of us that the luxury of that is limited . Pat is right , major sights wherever you go are busy , And they are busy for good reason , Don't let it get in your way . In our last three trips ( since we began to visit Europe ) , dealing with busy places has never negativly affected our overall experience . Versailles is one of those places that you will never forget !

Posted by Pamela
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Hah,this question made me laugh. I visited Versailles on Easter Sunday decades ago. It was so crowded that I the only memories I have is of hordes of people. I cannot remember any fountains. ; ( So, I suspect that no matter when you go it will be crazy busy. Likely, the best thing to do is go early. Oh, and Pat, it was raining. ; ) Thanks for the reminder of some rather odd memories. Pam

Posted by Darren
Boulder, CO, USA
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I wouldn't alter my I itinerary to pick a day, since it may be cold a rainy on that extra day. The best day to visit Versailles is the one with the nicest weather. I happened to be there on a fountain and music day and it was fine. Sure, it was crowded, but it's Versailles, it will always be crowded. Get the Paris museum pass, it will save you time in quite a few lines.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Thank you everyone for your comments. When I went back and looked at the dates, I have two options the Tues & Wed. We leave on the Thurs. :) So, I could keep an eye on the weather and do it on hopefully a non rainy day in there. It's not one that I have to make a reservation for. Will probably have the Paris Museum pass to use. Thanks :)