What EU pass for Paris->Nise->Monte Carlo->Cannes->Paris

Spain, France, Monaco, Greece and Turkey are 5 countries to be visited in my 45 days vacation plan. 5/18--5/24 I will tour four cities in France: Paris->Nise->Monte Carlo->Cannes->Paris. I am planning: (1) to stay in Nice hotel as a base because hotels in Monte Carlo and Cannes are out of my reach. (2) take 2 days for Monte Carlo using bus for travel between Nice and Monte Carlo (20 min. one way). (3) take 3 days for Cannes using train for travel between Nice and Monte Carlo (25-30 min.one way). (4) Paris -> Nice and Nice -> Paris by train. My questiohs are: (1) I was told, now most or all EUrail passes do not cover travel by rail and bus in France. Is it true? If true, what France pass fit my travel in France best? If false, what EUrail pass is the best buy?
(2) Does France pass and EUrail pass cover both rail and bus riding? (3) what EU pass covers rail, bus and ferry in Spain, Turkey, Greece and Monaco including or excluding France. It is a bit of challenge for me to work out my complex travel plan. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Ron. - Don't buy any rail passes; just buy individual tickets. - For Nice / Monte Carlo /Cannes, rail or bus is very cheap; just a few Euros; just buy tix when there. - For Paris to Nice and return, buy individual tickets. You can either buy online for a discount if you know your exact dates and times (tgv-europe.com), or just wait and buy when there. - However, are you sure you want to go from Paris to Nice and then back to Paris? It's a long way, why not go from Nice to wherever you are going next?
- You don't say where you're going in Spain, but similar answer as for france. Buses in Spain, even for long distances are very comfortable and inexpensive. - Similar answers for Greece and Turkey... Enjoy your trip!