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Western Europe Dec Itinerary Help - AMS ->Cologne -->Vienna ---Salzburg --Munich -->?

Hi All-

Looking for little .02 on where to spend more time or add time

The only requirement is that we are flying in/out of Amsterdam. Our travel dates Dec 12- 24th (24 is a travel day back to the US and we must return to Amsterdam on the 23rd)

We're thinking of something along these lines:

Amsterdam to Cologne (1 night Cologne)
Cologne to Vienna (night train to Vienna. 2-3 nights Vienna)
Vienna to Salzburg (1 night Salzburg)
Salzburg to Munich (2-3 nights Munich)
Then. . .?

We're considering Strosburg/Colmar, Paris, or possibly Switzerland and we want to enjoy the Christmasmarkets as well. We have also considered just flying from Vienna to Rome and spending a few days there (yes, we know these two locations are nowhere near each other :) )

Thoughts/Questions/Suggestions etc?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Depends on what you like to do/see/eat/activities.

Other than Cologne i havent been to the other places, yet. But depending on what you like to do/see/eat/activiites, i can see spending an extra day in Cologne.

If you havent been to Paris, that would be a really nice place if you have more than one (1) day. If i remember correctly there are fast non stop trains to AMS from Paris too.

Not sure about the xmas markets in each, so i will let others more into the xmas market thingy give their 0.02.

happy trails.

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Ray- Thanks for answering- much appreciated!

I think we are now leaning towards adding time in Munich and Vienna and possibly adding time in Strosburg/Colmar or possibly adding some time in the wine regions of Germany. Granted we'll have to check to see if anything is open :)

Train wise, there is a high speed train that goes between Amsterdam and Paris which will help on the return if we do end up in Paris. Just trying to determine if its a good use of time getting to Paris or if its better we see a different area a bit closer to our original cities.

Maybe the answer is we should just add on another two weeks :) hehehehe.

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I always travel in some path and usually back to AMS since im currently using that as my hub. Im sure one of these days it wont work out that way, but for now its good.

I found out about the Paris to AMS train too late. I spent more time in the 2 aiports and then found out about the train. if i remember correctly it was cheaper and faster.

Adding 2 weeks is good to me.

whatever you choose/do, have fun.

happy trails.