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West + East Itinerary

My wife and I are planning a 3 week plus tour of Europe. We will start in Berlin and wish to visit more of Germany + the Netherlands + Denmark + Poland + Check Republic + ? Your suggestions as to logistics and locations would be sincerely appreciated.

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That's a tall order. Five countries in three weeks or so. (What is "plus" in this case?). How much do you want to experience of each country? First I'd narrow down which cities, towns or sites you want to see and exactly how many days (not including arrival and departure days) you have to see them all. Expect to waste half a day or more moving from one destination to the next and increase your expenses every time you move around. If there are specific reasons for visiting some countries, let us know. Nobody can recommend an itinerary without knowing what interests you. I find it useful to list too much and pare it down to a reasonable amount rather than to start with an amount of time and see how much I can squeeze in. I'll start with the standard recommendation here that you consider flying into one city and out another in order to save backtracking. I'll give you this: at least your countries are relatively contiguous. You're much more likely to do this trip than the people who suggest they want to see England, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, and Russia in three weeks (only a minor exaggeration!)

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Yes, a large order for sure. However we're using the funnel approach (broad to start and getting narrower over time). The cities, at this time, we're considering are: Berlin, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Bruges.