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Were you in Paris?...

Hi, everyone,

When my brother and I were in Paris on the 1st and 2nd of this month (October '07) we saw an English speaking tour group that we believe was a RS tour group. (At least, that's the impression we got.) We didn't want to interupt and ask, but I'm wondering if anyone here on the Graffiti Wall was on such a tour then. I have a photo of that group posted at:

If you recognize yourself in the photo drop me a line!

Keep on travelin'... Ciao for niao!

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While I wasn't in Paris, I nevertheless clicked on your link and could not resist browsing through the rest of your photo album. Your captions had me laughing so hard in my office that my family had to come see what was going on. Nice job! (Armpit of Death .. priceless!)

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Hello Bob, sorry I too was not in Paris on those days( and boy do I mean I was sorry , for me, LOL) but like Kathleen I had to go to your link and look at your photo diary,

IT WAS WONDERFUL.. all 5000 pictures,, LOL, really I thoroughly enjoyed the photos( the one of the Mosel in the morning fog is breathtaking!) and I actually enjoy all the food photos too!

I look forward your next years trip,, as I love to travel myself, but , when that is not possible( apparently one must spend some time at home, at work and with family, LOL) then being an "armchair" or should I say "computer chair" traveller is the next best thing!


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To Pat and Kathleen:

Thanks very much for the nice comments about my photo album!

It's very nice of you to pretend you enjoyed it just to make me feel good! :-)

Ciao for niao! Auf wiederschnitzel!

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Very interesting and entertaining website, Bob!
I encourage everyone to visit it (link is in his first post). Wish I could do one like this, must have taken a lot of time.

About your original question, I've been on a couple of recent Rick Steves' tours, and the group you took a picture of doesn't quite look like one of them to me.... just my 2 cents.