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Weiskirche on way to Munich

Hi. We are driving from Schwangau to Munich on a Saturday in September to catch a 3:55 p.m. flight home. Would we have time to visit Weiskirche on the way? Does anyone have good directions to Weiskirche from that area? Thanks.

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There's no reason you can't swing by. It's only a small detour off the route to Munich and only takes a couple of minutes to see, but well worth it.

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"only takes a couple of minutes to see" I'll second that. I saw the Wieskirche in 2007. I had scheduled an hour. After five minutes, I had seen enough and spent the rest of the time across the street having lunch. I found Wieskirche to be disgustingly gaudy and not any different from dozens of similar churches in Germany. In fact, later in the trip I went to Andechs and have post cards of both churches. I can't tell them apart without looking at the caption on the back.

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From Schwangau go north on the B17 to Steingaden, turn right on st-2059 and it's just a couple miles farther on your right (small sign marks where to turn). As Christopher said, it's well worth seeing.

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There are huge car and coach parks - the fairly expensive car parks allow you there for a long time - there is no street parking available. I saw it several years ago and enjoyed it for a short time. I tried to stop in earlier this month but found it so over-run and I didn't want to pay for a whole day of parking for a short stop that we turned around and didn't stop. When I was there before it wasn't nearly so developed.

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I doubt if traffic and parking will be as much of a problem in September as in June. A weekday would be better than a Saturday, of course, but you would probably be getting an early start, anyway, so you have a good chance of going through before it gets busy.

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Hi Lynn, We've had afternoon flights (3:20pm)home from Munich the last few trips also and have stayed our last night before our flights in either the Innsbruck area or Berchtesgaden area. I'd allow at least 2.5 hours non stop for the drive to the airport. Returning the car there is easy and very well posted. The Wieskirche is certainly worthwhile to see. We loved it. To see for yourself before hand, go to: Click on "Panoramic View" and use your mouse/cursor on the photo to pan the entire interior. Paul

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Thanks,everyone, for the helpful replies. My apologies for the misspelling. Lynn