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Weight restrictions for lugage

Does anyone have an idea how much weight you can take on various discount airlines within Europe?
I heard it can be very costly if you are at all over the weight.
My daughter wants to fly from Rome to London. When would be the best time to book a flight for may 30?


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Restrictions will vary by carrier - it is best to check with the carrier you end up purchasing a ticket with.

Earlier the better from London to Rome - you are at the beginning of high season.

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As Jona says, it varies by carrier. And, for the discount airlines, they make money on baggage so be cautious. Each airline has their baggage rules on their websites. CLICK HERE to see the rules for RyanAir.

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Take teh warnings seriously, Ryanair charges for each checked bag up to a certain weight - I think it is 6 pounds per bag, then per kilo over their base weight, again, I think it is 15 kilos, so it can add up quickly. We are booked on a flight from Bristol to Dublin. The cost is 99 pence each - yes, that is correct 99 pence, but.... extra for bags, for premium boarding. taxes and our estimate of overwieght baggage will probably cost us close to 100 pounds for 2 of us.

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As others have said, weight restrictions depend on the carrier, but I saw several people have sent you links to RyanAir (Europe's version of ATA & Southwest Airlines). The best way to travel RyanAir is with a backpack. RyanAir is ONLY cheap, if you do not get caught up in all the add-on fees (baggage, check-in, meals, etc, etc). US passport holders will automatically have to pay 10,00 euros to check-in at the counter (online check-in is only for EU passport holders), but traveling with a backack is the way to go. No waiting for luggage and they do not weigh carry-ons, but travel light, and just wash clothes as you go. I recently took a family of 4 to Ireland for 40,08 euros for 4 days with 3 backpacks and an activity bag for the kids. We brought home lots of small gifts, that all fit in our backpacks. Also, buy food in the airport and take it on the plane. RyanAir sells food, but the airport is cheaper and security allows it over here in Europe, so why pay more.

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A great website I came across that was very helpful with baggage fees, including ski equipment. I was flying to Zurich on Swiss Air, but returning with Lufthansa, so being able to look up each carrier's allowances and fees was great. It's called Airline ala Carte.(

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As the others have said, be very careful with the weight limits. RyanAir is especially strict with these and if you're over by even a small amount, be prepared to PAY!

When your daughter is planning flights, be sure that she checks which airport the carrier is using. Some of the budget flights leave from somewhat "out of the way" airports, which means travellers have to budget time and funds to get from the airport to the city centre. If possible find a carrier that flies from Fiumicino in Rome to Gatwick or Heathrow (although Luton and Stanstead aren't too much of a problem either).