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Weather up at Jungfrau

Hi. We will be in Wengen for 3 & 1/2 days. I understand that we should check the weather before taking the ride up to Jungfrau. My question is can the weather be predicted with some accuracy 2-3 days in a row? The reason is we will have 3 full days in Wengen from Sunday to Tuesday. Should we go up to Jungfrau if forecast says it's clear even if it's on a Sunday? I would assume there will be more crowds on sunday or should we go on either monday or Tuesday, if weather forecast can be predicted for the next day? Thanks so much.

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There's a local TV channel in the area that shows real-time video of the mountain summits. My best advice would be to keep a flexible schedule, check the TV every morning when you wake up, and plan to ascend on the first day the weather looks clear.

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I would say go the first day it is clear, since you only have three days. Also, the earlier the better. Lots of days will be clear in the morning then cloud up around the mountain in the afternoon.

Plan on it being crowded whether you go on Sunday or one of the other days. The only place I felt the crowd was in the main snack bar area - the rest of the areas were fine despite the crowds.
It is wonderful - no matter how many people are up there when you are.