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Weather in Paris at the end of May


I have reading a few discussion threads about what to wear in Paris. There are a few comments about the rain. Yikes!
Is there a rainy season?
We will be there May 27th-June 2nd.
Any guesses what the weather will be like?


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In May 19 days have no rain, 12 days have some rain. Avg high temp end of May about 67 and avg low about 52. These are long term averages, any specific year will vary, of course.

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In my experience of many visits to Paris, it is rainier than London. It just doesn't have the reputation. Now I don't mean whole days of rain but strong rain showers that seem to pop up out of nowhere!! Right now in Paris, it is quite warm as it is in So. England.
I remember that while we were eating at Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower, it must have rained 3 times and in between you would have bright sunny weather. I have learned from experience to always carry a small
travel ymbrella unless you want to soaked from time-to-time! It won't ruin your trip!!

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Currently, the weather is fabulous if not a bit unseasonable.

We have not had rain in almost 10 days, although at the moment light showers are in the forecast for Wednesday. The temperature has been in the mid-upper 70s with the evenings in the mid to upper 50s. Quite civilized I do say. My windows and balcony have remained open day and night.

It has been very sunny. You should always plan for a little rain. Typically, there will be a day of rain rather than a shower. Better to be ready for anything.

I do have to say this is a much warmer May than we had last year. London is reporting it is the driest May on record.

You might also watch the for temperatures and weather as it comes closer to your departure.

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Bring an umbrella and maybe a light rain jacket. We've just ended 9 days in sunny, warm Paris and on the Seine toward Le Havre. We packed way too many cold weather clothes. Folks are wearing sundresses, summer tops and maybe a light sweater in the evening. Sandals are showing up, too. We're in sleeveless tops now in Normandy - not the turtlenecks I packed. Enjoy.

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jeanette, i would wait til next week to really look at packing. When we were there a few years ago, it was freezing, and I was wearing a suede jacket!

As you can see from current posts that its nice. The weather can be so unpredictable.

Check the weather next week, or post again and see what the locals say.

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Don't guess about the weather, or what it might be. go to the weather channel website or others and view the 10-day forecast before you leave, and pack accordingly. This has always worked well for me.

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Here's a site on the weather all over the planet.

This particular link should show you Paris, but, if not, you can easily dial it in. There's a history button you can click on, too. The past does not always predict the future, but there you are, right?

Wishing you fair weather, always... P

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Why I comment about the rain at that time of year is that it seems prime time for thunderstorms. Not cool, steady rainfall. Torrential downpours.