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Weather in León, Spain

I will be in León, Spain for three months from September to December-- I am not exactly sure of what the weather will be like, so I am not sure about what to take! I know it's rainy there, but is it in the 50s (F) or 60s during the winter there or does it get a lot colder? Thanks very much for your time!

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Just go to any of the weather sites and see what the daily average temperatures are for that time period. Remember an average is just that so look at the record highs and lows to see the extremes. That is more important than the average.

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I have checked it, but the weather website did not give me any average records, it only gave me the weather for the next ten days. Is there a website where I can check the weather in Spain? Thanks!

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I use weather underground. It doesn't have seasonal averages for Leon, but it does for Burgos. Use it, there won't be much difference. Scroll down the right side to History and Almanac and click Seasonal Averages. Like Frank said, don't go by the averages - - look at what's possible: the record highs and lows.