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Weather in Gimmelwald, Oberland

My wife and I will be in europe around May 10. We want to see Gimmelwald but will the weather be miserable? What do you guys think? Are we talking hikeing through the snow? Or sweatshirts and green grass?

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You know after reading some posts perhaps we should skip it. Where else could we go that weather might be better in Switzerland or Austria? I've been to Salzburge, Hallastate, Ruetta, Fussen and Vienna. I want some place new.

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The weather should be reasonable at that time of year, but of course there are no guarantees. In the same situation, I'd probably give it a try anyway as it's a beautiful area and well worth a visit.


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When I was there in 2006 (May 18-20), it was beautiful. There were just a few patches of snow in shaded areas at the upper elevation. I don't know if that was an unusually warm spring that year, however.

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Snow is unlikely and even if it did occur, accumulation is even less probable. But, don't expect 24 hours of sparkling Alpine vistas either. You are most likely to have periods of sun interrupted by rain and dense fog.