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Weather in Germany - October?

Does anyone know what the weather is like along the Rhine during October? Also in Berlin?

We are going October 10 - 26

Thanks so much!

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Sounds like a good plan to layer. I have young children so it is very important to plan right. 1 year & 6 year old

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See the Weather item in the site FAQ, click here & it's the 4th item down in the FAQ, Weather.

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I am also planning a trip to Germany, Berlin and Munich, October 12-20.

If you're wondering about what to pack, I'm going with layers. A shirt, a sweater, and waterproof jacket -- you can wear any combination thereof, depending on the weather.

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We love lightweight fleece pullovers for layering; they seem to give more warmth with less bulk than a sweater. We were in Munich in early October with just turtlenecks, fleeces and jean jackets, and did just fine.

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Hi Faith, Oct. can be cool and I would prepare for rain. However, I love Germany in Sept. / Oct. ! The last few times I was there, the weather was great.Hope this helps.

All the best, Monte

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We've been there in that time frame. As a general statement, I'd say October on the Rhine starts out nice, decent days with coldish nights, but ends cold. The day it changes from one to the other is different each year - some years early Oct. some years late. For your trip, you can probably count on some nice days at the start and cold days by the end.

I would expect Berlin to get colder sooner. I'd do the Rhine first, in hopes of getting your decent weather there. There are plenty of indoor activities to keep you busy in Berlin.

Definitely dress in layers. Here's my visual packlist:

It's perfect for September. I would warm it up a notch for October travel. Even when I think I may get cold weather, I don't stray too far from this; I add a wool cap, gloves and scarf for extra warmth (you can always pick these up at a German department store).