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Weather in Germany in October

What kind of weather should I expect in October in the southern part of Germany? Hope I don't have to pack a lot of heavy clothing.

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You wont need a lot of heavy clothing if you dress in lightweight layers. I usually take at least one cashmere (very light) turtleneck and a warm fleece pullover and a couple of dressy long sleeve tee shirts and a sweater. A raincoat or rain jacket with hood is a must. I usually take a scarf and gloves. You could have warm Indian summer type weather or cold rain.

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Hi Sharon,

October is our favorite time of year to travel in Bavaria. Lightweight layers is your best bet. While every year is different (of course), our experiences, after a number of trips in October the last 9 years, is daytime temps in the 60's to 70's and chilly in the early am. and at night. The top of the Zugspitze (Germany's highest mt.) was the exception... very cold at the top. We also experienced very few days with rain. Best to be prepared though.


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We are going to Germany in October as well, and as everyone else has suggested, we are brining layers. a few shirts, a couple of sweaters/hoodies, and a lightweight waterproof jacket. Mix n' match.

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October usually starts with comfortable days and cool to cold nights. By the end of October, it's pretty much cold. It changes mid-month - some years earlier, some years later.

I've been there in early October and would be comfortable in short sleeves during the day, light sweater and wind-breaker in the evenings.

I've been there late October and had every layer on, plus knit hat, scarf and gloves, and was still cold.

Don't pack heavy items but be sure to pack items that can be layered.

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I would plan for cool/cold and rainy. That's a typical fall here. Layers are great because if you're touring you'll likely be in and out of doors so often you won't want any extra bulk. I like a lightweight fleece under a thin hiking raincoat for fall. Count your blessings if you get a hot/warm fall -it's rare!

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According to the chart in Rick's book, October is the driest month of the year in Munich. I was there for two weeks in October, 2007, and never saw rain. I also had a down parka with me, which was too warm to wear most of the time.

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Just wanted to add that the department stores can be worth a stop if you wind up needing a hat, gloves, scarf or coat (because it's too cold) and it's a useful item to bring home and remind you of your travels. Just bring sizes with you for shoping.

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