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Weather in Germany and Austria--What to Wear?

In a couple weeks I will be leaving for my trip to Austria and Germany!

I will be going through Salzburg, Munich, and the Garmish area. I will be there June 26 through July 5 and I was wondering if anyone has traveled through those areas around that same time before?

If you have, do you remember what the weather was like? I understand it will be chillier in the mountainous areas, but when you are hanging out in the cities, is it usually warm enough to be able to wear shorts or a skirt all day?


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The only cold weather you are likely to encounter is on the mountain summits, although it could be chilly elsewhere in the morning. But expect mostly warm to hot temperatures otherwise.

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It can get chilly and rainy in the cities even in summer. You may get lucky but on the other hand, you may encounter few shorts days. In the cities, a skirt or cropped pants would be more appropriate than shorts, anyway. I usually take a fleece or a sweater and a thin rain jacket.

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Early morning and evening temps can be in the 50's or lower, especially if there is rain. Even daytime temps can be chilly when it is overcast.

My advice is take a pair of shorts if you like, but be aware that you might not get to use them.

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I would suggest capri/cropped pants.I was there earlier in June and it was warm and humid plus very few places have a/c. If you will be doing a lot of walking, you are warmer. Hve fun. Munich is great!

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Thank you, everyone, for your responses. This helps a lot.

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We were in Munich and Bavaria last month and in Tribergit was 27 F and it was snowing. Were we wearing jeans and sweatshirts and atil was freezing, In the morning of the 2nd of April we were in Zurich and the temp was around 15 F at 9:00 AM. So the weather varies a lor! Some days it wa sunny, most days-SNOW!