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Weather in Germany

What is the weather usually like at the end of July and beginning of August in Germany? Thank you in advance.

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Usually those are the drier months with quite warm temperatures and usually not too hot. However, you may end up in sweltering 30 C or, like us last summer, sitting in the rain. In all of August we had 2 days where it was warm enough to take the kids to the outdoor pool ...

Most summers I'm too optimistic and end up buying some warm underwear. Yup, I remember a short train ride to visit my uncle in Muenster. First thing I did with him was to go straight to the department store to buy underwear because I was freezing. The only time I packed too much warm clothing and not enough airy summer stuff was during the World Cup in 2006. The whole country was hot - in more ways than one!!!

I think this morning Andreas in Frankfurt was complaining that he was melting in an office without A/C

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We've had years where it was just hot and humid. But last year, e.g. it was rainy and temperatures stayed in their 70s. Usually early June is cool and rainy but right now we've got 25°-30°C and humidity is medium to high. I can't tell you what end of July will bring this time...

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last year it rained and rained and rained. in years past it was hot. think florida.