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Weather- Germany Austria Switzerland May 23 to early June

Hello All, Thanks to this wonderful helpline and community, we were able to finalize most parts of our itinerary for travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I do have a weather question though. What is it like out in late May-early June timeframe? Is it going to be cold or warmish? We are looking to be in Germany and Austria in May, Germany in first week of June and Switzerland in the second week of June.
Any advice is deeply appreciated. Thanking you all in advance, Aparna

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Many people have a different definition of cold, I'm finding out. But if you use cold to mean needing a hat and gloves, the only place you may have an outside of chance of experiencing such weather would be in the Alps, particularly if you go all the way to the summits. Otherwise, I would prepare for generally mild, warm weather.

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You might want to go elsewhere on this web site to get a feeling for average weather temperatures where you are going (click on these) "Tours > G/A/S > (click on one of the tours) > Tour Weather (along the lower right hand side of the tour description) " I took RS G/A/S Tour last year and certainly enjoyed those countries, especially the scenery in Switzerland. Happy travels.

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My birthday is in the first week of June and I can assure you that in the past 30+ years it's always been rainy in that week. The last two weeks of May, however, are almost always very nice, sunny and with temperatures in the upper 70s and even 80s. From around June 10 the hot humidity kicks in... Obviously it's always colder and less humid in the mountains.