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Weather/clothing for May

While in Switzerland this May we'll be visiting Appenzell, Lugano, Zermatt and Bern. I'm concerned with having the proper clothes to enjoy Zermatt, while not having to lug around heavy things in Bern. How cold can I really expect Zermatt to be? Are hiking shoes a necessity? Or will decent tread sneaks be sufficient for light hiking? I've tried the, but I don't know if the temps they give for Zermatt are really indicitive of what we'll find closer to the Matterhorn.

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Can't help much, but try looking at historical information for Zermatt on Great graphs (use the "dashboard" view and you can use the scroll bar at the bottom to go back years and years). 2011 looked pretty cold for the entire month of May - I don't see any temps over 40. Consider packing light warm base layers (Smartwool makes good ones).

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Danielle, temps are beginning to warm up here but Zermatt will definitely be your coolest spot. Layers are a must and SCARVES are lifesavers! You won't see too many Swiss without a scarf! Go for a super comfy lightweight hiking boot - you won't be sorry, I promise! The Swiss don't do sneakers either - lol. Hope this helps! Have fun!