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Water pressure

This might be a silly question, and not that anything can be done about it, but someone mentioned to my wife that sometimes water pressure can be an issue in Germany? Has anyone experienced this or had problems with it?


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Water pressure is "sometimes" an issue in my neighborhood here in central Illinois, too, but that doesn't mean that it's an issue in the United States. Germany is a big place.

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When we were in Munich the water pressure was great in our hotel. When we were in Lake Como (staying in an old Italian Villa) the pressure was just ok.

I think you have to determine if the building you're staying in is old or new(er)... or the upkeep of the place.

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I was in Frankfurt and had great water pressure in my hotel room. My friend staying down the hall in the same hotel had water pressure issues. I don't think it's a country issue. I haven't had any water pressure problems in the several places I have stayed in Germany.

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I lived in Germany most of my life, visited in a number of places, hotels, new buildings, old buildings .... I've never experienced water pressure as a problem.

One thing that may be different for you is that the majority of places will have water saving devices in place that reduce the amount of water flowing and mix more air into it. I would not consider that to be a problem, it's a great thing :-)

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Thanks very much for the replies! Much appreciated.

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We stay at a variety of accomodations. We've only had one time when water pressure was an issue - a hostel in Verona where the shower was sort of a small cascade down the wall. Everywhere else has been functional if not always luxurious.

The bigger issues for most Americans are the size of the shower or bath, a sometimes unusual configuration of the fixtures (from our perspective) and not knowing how to get hot water.