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Warnemunde/Rostock or Lubeck & Wismar - Germany

We will be on a baltic cruise, docking in Warnemunde for 14 hrs. Which would be the best to visit, Warnemunde & Rostock or take a ships bus tour to Lubeck & Wismar. Would the scenery on the bus trip and the towns be worth the extra time and expense versus just visiting Waremunde/Rostock.

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Dave, Warnemünde is kind of nice but rather... the average kind of nice. Rostock is an industrial city and harbor. Some people find that charming, too. Lübeck however is something of a hidden gem in the shade of Hamburg. I find it to be a surprisingly beautiful city and it's waterfront, Timmendorfer Strand is also quite picturous. I haven't been to Wismar yet but the pictures, too, are much, much more promising than Rostock. I hope that helps.

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My wife and I spent three days in Wismar three years ago and really liked it, especially the waterfront and the cathedrals.One of the cathedrals contained the few remaining relics from one of the oldest churches ( the rest had been burned for warmth after the end of WWII).

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i would like to know if you had taken the lubeck & wismar tour and how did you like it.

if you did, did you take the ship tour or you went on your own by train and how long is the ride from the dock?

thank you very much for your help.


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Dave, my wife and I did this cruise 2 years ago and also stopped for the day in Warnemunde. Although I respect Andreas' perspective and experience, I have to say that my wife and I really enjoyed both Warnemunde and Rostock and they are SO easy to enjoy. Warnemunde is a cute seaside resort immediately as you get off the ship. Walk along the beach, cafes, shops, lots of families, etc. From the ship's dock, you'll be able to take a quick train into Rostock to sightsee, visit churches, museums, walk the streets, etc. I think you'll find it will be a relaxed day, and you'll have plenty of time to soak up some of the ambiance of these towns.