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Wardrobe advice- Stiftskeller/Salzburg concert

We (all adults "of a certain age") are thinking of going to the Mozart dinner concert at the Stiftskeller one evening in May. However, we are committed to traveling light and this would be the one even remotely "dress up" occasion of our 3 week trip to Europe, so are reluctant to bring clothes just for one event. Would we be completely out of place if we wore (non-T) shirt and (non-jeans) pants? We want to experience this, but are reluctant to be the only people not appropriately dressed.

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The audience at those Mozart concerts usually consists mostly of tourists like yourself. You would look out of place wearing anything but typical traveling clothes.

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Europeans are really into the scarf. You could pack a light silk dressier scarf and wear it to the evening with the clothes you have planned. It'll pack easily and you can wear it repeatedly. Or you could pick one up on your travels.

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As a woman of a certain age, I suggest black Chico's Travelers pants worn with a black Traveler's jacket. I've worn them in the US and Europe for years and years, summer and winter. They go anywhere, dressed up or dressed down, especially with a scarf. Be sure the scarf is good as that's what will be noticed. They're not called Travelers for nothing.

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Thanks for the reassurance and the wardrobe advice, everyone!