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Has anyone gotten married in Spain? Did the wedding planner & whole experience meet your expectations? Where should I start?

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we're open to anywhere, really. we want a Catholic ceremony. It will probably be only 2-4 of us there, so it will be really small.

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Start by contacting the Spanish embassy here in Ottawa. Marriage laws are different in Spain...even from region to region. And they're a lot stricter than ours.

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We got married in Switzerland and a Catholic ceremony also. We began by taking the required classes our church requires here in the states. This was the only way that the swiss priest would even consider it. You can't skip the classes if they are required in your church. We also had a letter from our church to the priest in Switzerland. We had two ceremonies. The church and state are seperate in CH. We were married at the civil office and then went to the church for the Catholic ceremony. Check with your local priest about it or call the church in Spain to see what is required. The Spainish Embassy in Canada will really be able to help you. Check out their website for requirements. A wedding planner in Spain is highly recommended. Enjoy and congrats.

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OK, if you dont live in Spain, then you can still have a great 'Wedding Blessing,' this is a ceremony that can look exactly like a wedding, but you will need to have a civil (legally binding) wedding before or after to make it legal in your home country.

There is ONE area of Spain that I know of where you can get legally married, but only in a civil ceremony. The ceremony can be in a castle ruins though, which is pretty cool.

I would strongly recommend going with a wedding planner, as they can save you a world of hassle, and will offer options for any budget. (Yes, I mean ANY budget.)

For more info, you can visit

Hope that helps!