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Wanted Reliable Point to Point Baggage Transport

We're riding our tandem bicycle in France for three weeks. It fits into two standard/checkable suitcases for airplanes and trains. We need a service that will ship these two suitcases to the next city we will ride to, then board a train to cycle in a different region. We will need them shipped from Nantes to Orleans, then Dijon or Beaune to Paris.

Any ideas ? Thank you.

Duane and Donna

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I think he means he wants the suitcases shipped to the next place, not the bikes. Is that correct? Do you need the suitcases to go to all of your destinations, or do they just need to go from where you are starting your ride to your final destination?

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Although I have no personal experience with this service, SNCF will pick up and deliver.

Sounds as though you have to allow 24 hours however.

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Yes, we only need to send two 26 by 26 by 10" suitcases to where we'll be riding our one tandem bicycle too. For example, we may take the train from CDG to Nantes for a ride up the Loire to Orleans. We'll need to ship our suitcases from Nantes to Orleans. There we'll catch another train to Dijon, etc.

Thank you for suggestions. I'm wondering if Postal or UPS would accept unpackaged suitcases of this size. Do you know where I can find out?

I'll check out the web link too. Thanks, Duane and Donna

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As Adam said SNCF, the French National Railroad has done door to door pick up forever for passengers who don't want to lug bags. They do collect the bags a day or two in advance.

UPS is only entering the French market now. Package services are few as we know them in the US, even DHL can't be found frequently in France. The French post office would charge a lot.