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Want to plan a trip to Gemany with my 25 year old son

Haven't been to Germany in 32 years. Want to take my son for a great trip (I'm the mom) He's interested in cars, and wants to see a factory if possible.

Looking at travel in November, first week, I know from searches I'm looking at about 45 degree temps. Does this sound right?

Will buy Rick's Germany book, but looking for some quick replies to these questions from you readers: 1. What sights are a "not miss" from Munich? 2. What is possible to see/enjoy early November - what might be closed? (Day trips would be great.)3. What car factory/museum would be the best/closest.
As I mentioned, we will base in Munich for this journey.

I'm off to Borders this weekend to buy the Germany book, but love to hear from you - what you enjoyed, what we should avoid.

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Hello Ellen. In Munich, I recommend visiting : Deutsches Museum (Main branch), Deutsches Museum of Transportation (Verkehrszentrum) -- the first motor car that Karl Benz made is there, Munchner Stadtmuseum, and St. Michael's church (walk in it for a quick look). And, I would swim in the big pool at the summer Olympics park, and I would plan for time for relaxing at Englischer Garten park.

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Regensburg would be a reasonable daytrip, 1.5 hours by regional train. (Use the Bayern-ticket for a bargain.) It is a UNESCO world heritage site for its medieval buildings. The old town is a many small plazas connected by alleyways. The Gothic Cathedral was much to my taste. My wife liked a tour of the Thurn and Taxi Palace near the train station. The Danube river front and Roman ruins were also very appealing. Wikipedia does the best job of describing the town.

Regards, Gary

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You can visit Audi (Ingolstadt or Neckarsulm), BMW (Munich), Porsche (Stuttgart), Mercedes Benz (Stuttgart), Volkswagen (Wolfsburg), the VW Phaeton plant (Dresden). What kind of cars exactly does he want to see? What else besides cars and oompah music beer halls do you want to see/experience? Will night life play a role? Historic sights? BTW Stuttgart is doable as a day trip from Munich, so are both of the Audi plants/museums...