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want to find family lineage in Portugal

I plan in taking my father on a trip to Portugal to find his family lineage. I believe the spelling of the name is "Tishera" or something along those lines... Can anyone please help me get started on where would be the best place to start traveling?

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Join for a good starting is free and a very good site for something like this. Add as many family names and dates and email addresses as possible and the website will automatically help to find connections. The correct spelling is Teixeira, as was previously posted. Most important will be to find where your ancestors were born...which could be Azores, Madeira, or mainland Portugal. The municipal government, the "Registo Civil", in most towns have information going back 100 years, as do the churches. Older than 100 years old, the books are located in libraries, for example all of the Azorean church books are in the library in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel. Good luck with a fun endeavor!

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Hello Jenni, I suppose you mean "Teixeira". It's a very common name in Portugal. It will be very hard to find any information based only on the family name.

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Your first step should be to take a course or two in genealogy at a local library, college, etc. so you understand how to use the internet for your search, recording keeping of your searches (most critical) and finding records. Once you have a little background, start with your father's birth certification if he has one or at least the village of his birth. Local church records are the first stop but unless you read Portuguese you will need to hire a translator. You will find that the locals in those day were very inconsiderate and recorded their records only in the local language. It is not easy, simply, or cheap to work with local records.