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Walmart in Paris?... or Where can I buy inexpensive hair dryer in Paris?

I got the bright idea that instead of buying an expensive converter ($20-$40) here in the States just buy a cheap hairdryer AFTER we arrive in Paris that already has correct voltage and plug.

Is there a discount store where we can pick one up fairly inexpensively and conveniently while in tourist part of Paris?

Is plug the same in France and Italy?

Peter and Robyn

Paris -> Italy

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I have found that most of the hotels nowadays either have hairdryers in the rooms or the front desk will lend you one. But if you want to buy one in France, go to the nearest Monoprix. I'm not sure about the plugs, though, for Italy.

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Monoprix or Carrefour are two stores that come to mind. Just Google them to find a location convenient to wherever you are staying in Paris. Keep in mind that many hotels, B&B's, etc., have built-in hair dryers.

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Plugs are the same for France and Italy.

As I mentioned in another of your really need to read "Europe Through the Back Door."

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Many of the newest hair dryers sold in the US can be used globally. All you need is an adaptor (very inexpensive) for the country you are visiting. I don't take my hair dryer because most hotels and B&B's provide them. You really do need to read "Europe Through The Back Door".

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Hi, While we were in our Rome aptmt..they supplied a hairdryer..BUT it wouldn't work w/o our adaptor.

The one in our Paris aptmt was made in Switzerland and will work w/o
an adaptor. I used a different adaptor from the one in Italy.
I had to use a Northern Europe adaptor for my curling iron in Paris.

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To use my blow dryer in Europe all I need is an adapter, sold for $1.00 on this website. Many places have dryers, but in my experience they don't always work. I have a travel blow dryer that is small, light, folds up and has a storage case. I believe that France and Italy both use the same plugs.

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We bought our hairdryer over there on the advise of my hair stylist. Just ask at your hotel for a nearby shop...there are many places to buy. And it was not expensive. But in reality, most hotels now have hairdryers.

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Sue says the cheapest hairdryer she could find at Monoprix was 50 euro. I bought one last year at Au Printemps for 20 euro, a BabyBliss (stupid name but it works perfectly) so I don't know what to say about Sue's experience.

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I have never NOT had a hairdryer in a European hotel or B and B. If for some odd reason your room doesn't come with one, the front desk will supply one.

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Yeah, most hotels have them, but not on our recent trip I was glad I had brought my own, or I would have been going without on a few days. I actaully bought a small hairdryer at WalMart before I left for $15 that switched to 220 volts. All that was needed was a $2 adaptor to go with it....and i needed a new hair dryer anyways, so I just switched it back to our voltage when we got home.

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I was in this situation two years ago. The travel dryer I brought broke down, so I pitched it and tried to buy a new one. I went to Monoprix and Carrefour, but the dryers were quire expensive--50 euros was the cheapest price I saw. Over my budget.

When I got home, I went to Brookstones and bought a great travel dryer for around $30. If you buy a dryer in the US be sure the high speed will work in France. Many won't--once you switch the voltage, it only runs on low. The one I got at Brookstones is made to work at all speeds on all voltages.

Buy one here to save money. That said, the hotels seem to have them and the homes we have rented that past few years have also been equipped with hair dryers.

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I don't remember the cost but I bought a Baby Bliss hair dryer at Darty in Paris. I don't think the cost was that high and it works fine every time I go to France!