walking shoes for Spain

What is the best type of footwear to wear for sightseeing in Spain. I don't like to wear athletic type of shoes in Europe. comfortable walking sandals our my preference. What do most of them wear?

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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This question gets asked regularly on this web site. Two suggestions: one, enter foot ware in the "Search" box up in the right hand corner and see what comes up. second: go to "Graffiti Wall" and look under "Best Walking Shoes". As many frequent visitors to Europe will tell you, ing shoes is really a personal deal since what fits one person just fine will not please another person at all. I do not fit well into Ecco shoes that many people here recommend but am hooked on my Clark's Airmovers (the ones not made in Asian countries)and have walked all over Europe the last 10 years wearing a pair of them. Good luck with your searching.

Posted by Joan
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I have just come back from three weeks in Europe. I know that this has been said before, but I'll say it again. No one cares what you wear. The man that I saw with the chartreuse pants and shoes to match was a German, touring in his own country. Relax, wear what you like, what is comfortable for you, and stop thinking about anyone else's choice of clothing or shoes.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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The most important thing is comfort. You don't want to be miserable. Pick some shoes currently in your closet. I go for one pair that can dress up a little and another pair that can be worn for casual or hiking - both picked to be very light weight. We toured Spain last year. I packed a pair of newly purchased tan Rockport (with base by Adidas) casual walking shoes plus a pair gray of Adidas running shoes. I had problems with both pairs. The newly purchased Rockports were probably not a good idea, they d a "twist" in my step that eventually felt like I had a stress fracture. I bought them because my favorite Ecco walking/dress shoes were getting a little smooth on the bottom and I was worried they'd be too slippery. The Adidas, which I had walked and run in many times, also cut into the side of my foot (after putting in a lot of miles) so I spent a good part of my trip in pain with either pair. I looked for shoes there but never saw a pair that I wanted - so toughed it out. Both pair are plenty comfortable now that I'm home, but I won't pack either for a trip again.

Posted by Kathryn
Tulsa, OK
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Ecco Yucatan - the most comfortable sandals/shoes I have ever worn. Both my spouse and I bought ours before a trip to Spain in 2010. We wore them all day every day and they were wonderful.
I have heard many shoe sales people say they are the most comfortable sandals they sell since that time.