walk from town to town in the Luberon

My husband and I will be going to the Luberon area of France and would like to walk a lot, ending up in different towns over a 10 day period. We would like to do this without advance reservations for overnight stays in order to keep our itinerary loose. Will that be possible in late September? We are not that picky about where we stay, but also don't want to be stuck without a place for the night. Any thoughts?

Posted by Adam
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I think this is a charming idea, though I have not done it myself. It seems to me that you would be all right in late September if you are truly flexible, that is, willing to modify your route, stay an extra night, take a bus or two if needed. The thing to do is to call around in the morning, or the evening of the previous day, and reserve then. Not just show up in the late afternoon in a small village looking for a room.

Posted by Judy
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Thanks for that advice, Adam. We would definitely be willing to vary our itinerary and take some public transportation as needed to get to a place to stay. As far as calling ahead, that is a good idea and we will plan on doing that. To find places to stay as we go, do you have any recommendations for websites to check? We have usually just googled lodging by city and found places from booking.com or tripadvisor. Rick Steves has a few recommendations, but not for every village.

Posted by Norma
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Judy, we have often stayed at logis-de-france inns in France. If you google their locations in the Luberon you will see what they are like. These are small, family-owned hotels, sometimes outside of town but sometimes right in a small town or village.