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I have been told that step down converters and/or transformers reduce 240 v to 110 and to 40-60 mega herz. A missing part is the wattage diffeence. Some converters and/or transformers
work with wattage of a particular strength. Otherwise, one risks the appliance. I have an iPhone, iPad and iPod plus and HP computer. Does anyone know the wattage for the Apple products? I called Apple and the local Apple store. I love Apple and don't want top say bad things but one of the people who should know say the information about wattage was confidential and that I need to buy one of the converters on sale at their store. Any opinions or information. As a sideline, when I first went to Europe in the mid60's, one was dependent upon meeting people at the coffee house or while hitchhing who passed one information about different things like food and lodging. Steves has done a good thing with the Helpline for which I am particularly grateful. Thanks Ross Carter

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This posting is a duplicate. Delete it.

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You can purchase a universalt USB charger that will work with all your apple products (I have a Belkin one) that will just need an outlet adapter. And look at the power supply for your HP. Chances are it's already dual voltage and will just need an adapter as well.

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I had a voltage converter with a two prong plug- in for my camera and it has worked well with cameras, radios, and my cell phones. Unfortunately I forgot it on my last trip to France. Mine required a little round adapter in order to it into the receptacle so make sure when you ask for the converter it is not just an adapter which allows you to plug in to the current which still remains at 220 volts and will fry most American alliances.

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Converters are items of the past. Most modern electronics are dual voltage. Dina gave you good advice. I believe all Apple products are already dual voltage.(My Ipod Touch is.) As for the laptop, just turn it over, or look at the brick charger. If it says 110/120-240v, you're good to go. It will automatically convert the 240 to 110/120. No need to worry about wattage. I would suggest something like these for your Apple Products. I own both and they work just fine. (you supply the cables.) (you buy their adaptors for your devices.)

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Ross, You may or may not need a Voltage Converter. To begin with, Voltage Converters will NOT change the frequency. That's determined by the power system and will be either 50 or 60 Hz. The frequency is not important in most cases as this is converted to DC for use in electronic products. The statement about the wattage being "confidential" is a load of cr@p! The specifications must be shown on consumer equipment, and you'll find this stamped or printed on the power supply of each device you'll be travelling with. The first step is to check EACH device you'll be taking. Look for the phrase "Input Voltage". If this states "100-240 VAC" then you'll only need an inexpensive Plug Adapter. I'd suggest taking more than one, as they're easy to misplace. Also note that Plug Adapters for the UK are different than those used in continental Europe. Happy travels!