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Can anyone tell me how to ge a list of the Volksmarsches in Hessen and Bayern for the month of July?

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When we were in Germany in the 1970's there was a major Volksmarsch movement (Volksmarch often in English) by Germans that was readily supported by the American Military Community: a nice walk through the country followed by a beer or wine with some food in a village. Life was sweet.

That movement seems to have died out. You might find more if you would search on Volksläufe (runs) or Volkswandern. I missed those almost weekly outings for a walk of a run when I returned in the mid 1980's for a second tour.

If you search on Volksmarch, you will find US clubs where they brought the tradition back. You will also find people selling their Volksmarsch medal collections on Ebay.

Good luck with your search.

Regards, Gary

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Eva, I e-mailed the DVV and they asked if I wanted a list of volksmarches for only the area we were going to be in and the time, I said yes and they spent the time to go through and find those walks and then e-mailed them to me. I couldn't believe someone would go through all that trouble.

Good luck!