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Vitre, France

Does anyone have experience in this town? We are seeking a room for 5

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Which one; Vitre east of Rennes or Vitre west of Poitiers?

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We went there on a daytrip. Vitre has a very pretty old town centre and a castle with one of the weirdest special collections in a museum we've ever seen. For my kids probably the most memorable experience of that particular trip to France! Next to usual historical stuff there were also a whole bunch of stuffed frogs like these ones, one of the rare times I couldn't resist and had to take a picture inside a museum:

You can find accommodation opportunities here on the website of the "Office de Tourisme" in Vitre (in English):

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that is funny, probably better than the Louvre! i think my 3 daughters will like it there. We will have a car and are coming from Bayeux through MSM and then another day somewhere before heading to Paris then home. The prices keep going and adding up! Thanks!