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Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany Fussen vs Reutte

When visiting southern Germany to see the Neuschwanstein Castle is in better to stay in Fussen or Reutte? We are relying on trains and buses and I wanted to get to the Castle first thing in the am, little worried about making connections if we stayed in Reutte.

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Def. stay in Fussen. We loved first and last gazes at the castles Am & PM. also restaurant choices are nice in Fussen. The whole castle expereince is much better if you stay nrby. It is very crowdedso you are wise to be there early.

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On 1 of my trips there; been there twice; I stayed in Fussen, and was glad I did. It's a very handy home-base for going to Neuschwanstein. There are busses right in the town that take you right to Neuscwanstein and Hohenschwangau (sp!). I recall that in his Germany guidebook, Rick's a fan of Reutte, but somehow Fussen just seemed to make more sence, especialy as I was traveling around Germany/Austria by train. Besides making visiting the castles easy, it's also a small, pretty, charming town; I found it very pleasent and really enjoyed my 2-night stay.

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Staying in Füssen will probably cost more, but you'll be right there. The castle ticket office opens at 8 AM; there's a bus leaving Füssen Bahnhof at 7:31, getting to Hohenschwangau at 7:40. Another leaves Füsen Bahnhof at 8:05 getting to Hohenschwangau at 8:13, just after it opens. According to the Bahn, the first buses from Reutte in the morning leave Reutte at 7:08 and 7:17, getting to Hohenschwangau at 8:13 and 8:43 resp. You might find less expensive accommodations in Horn or Schwangau with an early bus to Hohenschwangau or it's a short walk. A better choice than Reutte would be Pfronten. I've found the accommodations there to be less expensive ( example, €29,50 pP in DZ) and the bus trips are shorter and more frequent. There are three buses around 7 AM getting to Hohenschwangau around 7:30. There is also a bus at 7:55 getting to Hohenschwangau at 8:45. All in all, Pfronten has six buses arriving before 10, Reutte has 3.