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Visiting the Eagle's Nest in Bavaria

We are traveling to Munich and only have two days. Has anyone been to the Eagle's Nest and would it be worth taking a day to travel their to see. Also, if we have to make a choice between the N(can't spell it) Castle to the north or the Eagle's Nest to the south what would you recommend?

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The eagle nest is NOT worth spending your time there are much better things to see.
Nymphenburg is a castle within Munich great place to vistit and to stroll around, coll museum and porcelan

Hohenschwangau is next to Neuschwanstein and is the smaller but more authentic castle. I would say do both of thosse castle early in the morning, if you can stay one night in Hohenschwangau at the Hotel Muller with a night view of either castle. NEuschwanstein looks greater at night

PS i am from that region grow up there

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My advice - if you only have two days in Munich, stay there. There is plenty to see for two days; you won't run out of things. If you try to go out of town, you will just spend more time traveling and see less.

Oh, if by the N Castle you mean Neuschwanstein, it is not to the north of either Munich or the Eagles' Nest. It is almost due west of Eagles' Nest and south-west of Munich.

The only thing commonly seen in Munich that is not in the inner transit zone is Dachau. If you don't want to see Dachau, you can get to everything else with an inner zone MVV Partner Tageskarte (day ticket) for €9. That pass gives up to five people unlimited use of the S- and U-bahn, streetcars, and buses in the inner zone for a day.

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I agree with Lee. You can easily spend two days in Munich. The previously mentioned Schloss Nymphenburg is just on the outskirts of Munich and can easily be reached by tram. While not as grand as Neuschwanstein Castle, Schloss Nymphenburg is definitely worth seeing.

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Yeah i aggree
For museums
Residence a must the art collection is amazing
all the churches in downtown
walking aroudn teh fussganger zone
pinagothek old new and modern
english garden

for 2 days i would jsut do munich but if you feel the urge to vebture out think about using the S bahn viel spass

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It depends. Are you more interested in WWII history or castles, palaces and museums. I have taken an Eagles nest tour and found it to be one of the most interesting tours I have taken while visiting Europe. I have a keen interest in WWII history so I am partial.

Christine Harper led our tour and it was fantastic. Her husband David Harper also leads the tour sometimes. Below is the link that tells about it.

The problem may be lack of time because there is plenty to do in Munich and you could spend several days there and enjoy it however if you have time The Eagle's Nest tour with David and Christine Harper is most certainly worth the time if you have any interest in that area.

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2 days is not enough time. We did the Obersalzberg-Eagles nest last summer. I am a big WWII buff. It was just great and the scenery..... We stayed in Berchtegaden for 1 night

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I just got back last week from Germany and Austria. We spent 3 nights in Reutte (with a car doing Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, Zugspitze, luge in Austria, swimming in the Plansee twice (cold, but beautiful!!), and enjoying small towns, 3 nights in Munich, and 2 in Salzburg. While in Salzburg we took the bus to Obersalzburg and did a tour ourselves of Kehlsteinhaus. We found it very fascinating...but we were interested in the history of the area. I had been there in 1985, but I don't think we did anything then except go to the top and look around. I don't think the museum and bunkers were open then...if they were, we never saw them. It was very interesting and informative, but it did take about 5-6 hoours total to get there and back and do the sights. Therefore we had less time to enjoy the sights of Salzburg (I had been there before so that was okay, although I do like that town a lot too!). There is so much to do you just need to pick out what you want to do.