Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle

We are planning on visiting the Neuschwanstein castle in the fall. We will bee short of time to do the half hour interior tour. Our question is can you just go up to the castle and walk around without buying a tour ticket? Are you limited on what you can see without a tour ticket?
Thank you

Posted by Ron
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Hello Roger. Every person visiting Neuschwanstein must have a ticket for a tour. The time for beginning the tour is printed on the ticket. Each person walks through the "castle" (palace), in a group of approximately 20 people with a guide. It is possible to reserve a ticket in advance. That could help fit the castle visit into your travel schedule. I think visitors can walk through Neuschwanstein in 30 minutes, if they do not linger in the castle's kitchen, and if they do not go in the gift store. I think the castle's exterior is the best part of it. And, I liked walking to the castle's entrance.

Posted by Chris
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Hello Roger, I found the tour of the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle to be a bit of a let down. So much of the castle was unfinished that there are relatively few rooms that you can actually see, compared to what you might expect when you look at the exterior of the castle. Hohenschwangau Castle was a much more interesting tour, in my opinion, since the castle was actually lived in. You can walk up to the castle and into the courtyard. The castle is perched up on a mountainside and surrounded by woods, so you don't get many opportunities to stand back from the castle to look at it's exterior when you get up close. It is a pretty walk winding through the woods up the hill towards the castle. Although for me, seeing the castle perched on the mountainside from a distance was probably the best view of the castle. I'm not sure how you are traveling or what your timing looks like but my favorite of Ludwig's castles to actually tour the inside of was Linderhof. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Tom
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As others noted, you can walk up to the castle and look around without a ticket. Depending on your level of fitness, it's about a 15-30 minute uphill walk. There's also horse drawn carriages that regularly shuttle people up to the castle. Also as the others noted, the trees sort of block your view of the castle on the way up the hill. However, you can take in some good external views if you walk up the path that winds towards the Marienbrucke, and of course, the classic view of Neuschwanstein from the bridge itself. I personally think the inside of the castle is fascinating, but if you don't pre-arm yourself with some information about Ludwig's life and his obsessions, particularly with Wagner's operas, it won't make much sense.

Posted by Paul
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Hi Roger,
If your time is really that limited, take the shuttle bus up to Marienbrucke, just above Neuschwanstein. No tour ticket to buy, just pay the 1 or 2 Euro fee for the bus ride. Here you'll find one of the best views of Neuschwanstein. Of the three Ludwig castles/palaces, the interior of Neuschwanstein is my least favorite. Actually enjoyed the tour of Hohenschwangau more. Paul

Posted by Darren
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I agree with Tom, the inside is fascinating. Many of Europes castles and palaces are unfinished, but they're different than anything that we have over here. So, it is great to view from the outside, especially from the bridge, but the ticket will really make it worth your while. Of course, if you don't have the time, than you don't. I'd still check it out from the Bridge if your in the area, though.

Posted by Roger
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Thanks everyone for your responses. They have been a great help in planning our visit in the Castle area.
We look forward to our trip.