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Visiting Lauterbrunnen/Jangfrau area in months of April or May or September

I am planning on Visiting Lauterbrunnen/Jangfrau area in months of April or May or September. I will be there for three nights. I probably will not do much hiking, but need a beautiful clear weather. I am not a big shopper or not into museums.

I have following three questions:

1) Plan to visit between May 1st and May 20th. I read in Ricks book that Most of the places would be closed because of Easter. Is that correct? I just plan to visit Jangfrau and go around towns of Lauterbrunnen/Interlaken. I won't be doing much of shopping. When is the best dates to visit?

2) Is early September Chilly and Windy? Is it a good time to visit?

3) Will April last week be too cold? Will most places be open?


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Hello Ashwin,
We were in Muerren in mid September and the weather was just perfect. Sunny days but not too cool and
great for walking/hiking. I wore a light jacket with fleece lining and most of the time I just wore the fleece part. I might add that they did have a snow storm the week after we left. I think April might still have snow on the ground or the ground may be mud/slush because of the warming weather and melting snow. May would of course be much better. I too was not into shopping there but did a lot of walking. I did a whole day (it takes about that much) at the Jungfrau and the weather was the best. I also took the gondola to the Schilthorn. For the Jungfrau you will need to dress very warm if you intend to visit the Ice Palace or go outside of the building. Its impossible to predict the weather but while you are there be prepared to adjust your plans daily depending on the weather. Just take clothes to layer. For me nothing about the Lauterbrunnen region disappoints.
I hope this helps. Regards, Nadine

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1) The towns located in the mountains (Gimmelwald, Murren, Grindelwald, etc.) largely shut down because the two main seasonal activities, skiing and hiking, are not possible at this time. The citizens of Gimmelwald also use this time to do some labour-intensive cattle work. However, most businesses in Lauterbrunnen and Interlaken remain open. You can still access the mountains towns, but services are limited.

2) I've never been there at that time, but I understand hiking conditions are ideal. It's always windy, but unlikely to be particularly cold.

3) No, the weather should be mild at the lower elevations, but see #1 for if things will be open.

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Keep in mind that September is still considered High-Season. Hotel room prices are still fairly high, and there will still be crowds-just not as many Americans around. If you can wait a month, October is considered the shoulder season, prices are much lower, fewer crowds, and the weather is almost as good:)

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I have been there several times in September-the weather is usually good, but they can get early snowfall. (This happened both in 2001 and 2008 for me. It can fall pretty hard up in the mountains, but usually melts pretty fast this time of year.) In 2001, I never saw a mountain due to poor weather, but I think that is unusual. More typical would be this year when we had 2 days of bad weather, 1 day of good weather, and one day of it being clear as could be. As to crowds, they have never been a problem for us in September. Even in 2003 when the weather was fantastic (high 70's, clear skies) the crowds were not too bad. Hotel prices might drop in October, I've never wanted to leave it that late due to weather concerns. However, I was in Italy last year in October and drove through Austria and they were having unusually warm weather for the time of year. (low 80's) Weather is the hardest thing to predict and you can only plan around it so much. Just go when it works for you.

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Hello all. I'm heading to that area near the end of April. Any comments on the weather and activity in that particular time? Thanks.

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Easter 2009 is April 19 so I doubt that would affect things being open or not in May.

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"Hello all. I'm heading to that area near the end of April. Any comments on the weather and activity in that particular time? Thanks."

Yes- little to nothing will be open in the mountains. Weather shouldn't be too cold, but expect a lot of rain.

And just to clarify- Easter has nothing to do with whether or not the mountain towns go on hiatus. The April-May lull coincides with the period of time when there isn't enough snow to ski and the trails are too soggy to hike. Plus, the citizens of Gimmelwald use this time fertilize the pastures.