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Visa vs Mastercard in Paris

Greetings! Is the Mastercard accepted as much as a Visa card in Paris? CapitalOne (which does not charge an exchange rate fee) is offering me a Mastercard. I thought I read somewhere that is not as widely accepted, but, then again I was reading some of the posts that its used as much. tks.

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no worries about capital one visa/master as credit card. european crediit cards have smartchip so they can use 24 hours, US credit card can only be handled manually, so just don't try to use it after hour - ie: getting gas after hour, etc.

make sure you ATM card works and you should call to make sure the bank knows you're traveling, and you know how much they allow you to take out daily.

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If anything, Mastercard is more widely accepted in Europe than Visa. Having said that, pretty much every store that I've seen that has credit card logos in the window has had a logo for both. The Mastercard will be fine.

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Thank you! I will make to contact CC before my trip.