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Visa stuff

I'm an American currently in Berlin with the 90 day stamp. I will be leaving after about 50 days into my stay and planning to come back about a month later. Will I have a problem reentering Germany? I'm a little confused on how they calculate the 90 days within an 180 day period. Do they have to be consecutive or will I be okay breaking up my stay?


Stamped: Oct 1st
(Potentially) Leaving: Nov. 21st
Coming Back: Dec. 27th

Any insight would be great. Thanks

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There are some experts on this site who know this law inside out. I'm not one of them. Maybe you
should edit the title of your thread from Visa Stuff to Shengen Law - I believe that's what it's called.

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When you reenter on Dec 27th you'll have stayed 53 days (52 in the period from Oct 1st to Nov 21st and one on Dec 27th itself) in the last 180 days (Jul 1st to Dec 27th).
Simply count the number of days you've been in the Schengen Area in the prior 180 days, and when that sum is less than 91 you`re still within the bounds of the visa waiver rules.

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The days don't have to be consecutive. To put what Mark said a bit differently, on any given day count back 180 days. You're allowed to be in the Schengen zone any 90 days in that 180-day period.

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You will have a maximum of 37 days left when you return Dec. 27.

EDIT: This assumes that you will be out of the Schengen Zone between Nov 21 and Dec 27.

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Thanks, Nancy from Corvallis OR, my question exactly.

In addition to the 90/180 question is the very definite question of where you will be when out of Berlin.