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Villandry Gardens

We have a package that includes Paris and the Loire Valley for one week after Christmas. It includes a tour of the gardens of Touraine, Villandry. They sound nice, but I am wondering how they will be during that cold time of year. I believe that we might have some flexibility in the itinerary if I tell them now. We are not big gardens people either. -- Any suggestions?


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Well, these are the most famous outdoor gardens in the Loire. If you're never going to be there again, and if the predicted (!) outdoor weather isn't going to be miserably cold and windy, I'd consider getting a look at them just the same.

You didn't mention what the indoor(?) alternatives might be. We went to the Trogodyte caves, for example, but Villandy was much better-and believe it or not, less "touristy". And the chateau interior tour (is it open in the winter?) will get you out of the open air, if not necessarily "toasty". OTOH, Abbaye de Fontevraud has lots indoors, but it's going to be drafty, and maybe just a bit out of the way. Again, there's a big property to walk around in, if the weather turns out to be bearable.

I'd hate to miss a glimpse of the exteriors of these iconic buildings. There's a lot to see in the Loire, but it's often outdoors. I suggest you look at Rick's "France", and check online temperature and weather records.

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We've been at Villandry in the late Fall when much of the gardens are dormant. Still, lots of things stay green and it's really an amazing layout. Well worth touring the chateau if possible in order to get a view of the gardens from above. This place is sorta garden as art if you follow my meaning.

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Thanks for the info. We are working with our agent and the tour company to figure out what is best.

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I was at Villandry in November a few years ago and everything was still lovely, although not exactly flowery. It is definitely still worth a trip. Enjoy!