Vienna or Berlin in early Dec

I am traveling to Italy for work and decided to stay back for 5 days. I am flying back from Vienna because i was getting cheapest airfare from Vienna. Now my dilemma is if i should stay in vienna for 5 days or if i should go to Berlin for those 3 days. I am in mid 20s and i believe Berlin will be a great option due the nightlife and other things but i am apprehensive about the cold weather there.Does it get really bad in Berlin i.e. sleet, slow etc? or is Vienna the same. Also, if i stay in Vienna for 5 days, will i be able to find good nightlife and other things during the day to keep myself occupied?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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Vienna is a glorious place in December and the holiday season. Nightlife there is very much underrated and equal to just about anywhere. Stay @ K&T Boardinghouse in Vienna for the best location and best price.
I see your only problem is getting from Italy to Vienna easily and inexpensively. Trains don't go directly from Venice area to Vienna due to the Alps and some bus travel is required. You could go through Innsbruck and east by train to Vienna.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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You will be in Italy, so you want to travel to Berlin from wherever you will be in Italy on Day 1, spend Days 2-4 in Berlin, then travel to Vienna on Day 5 to fly home? The train from Berlin to Vienna is about 10 hours and discounted tickets (non- refundable) - which may or may not be available when you are ready to book are €49 one-way. The full price is €124.60 one-way.

Posted by Alex
Columbus, Ohio
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I will fly to Vienna from Rome in the morning then spend that day (day 1 ) in vienna . Fly to berlin during noon day 2 . Return to vienna on day 5 . Fly back to vienna on day 6. So i guess 6 days and 5 nights in total

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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I'm not sure I understand your plan. Please clarify if your plan is to fly Rome - Vienna, Vienna - Berlin, Berlin - Vienna. That's what it appeared to be to me. If so, I would recommend Rome - Berlin (spend 3 nights), then spend your last 2 nights in Vienna before flying home. Or 2 nights in Berlin and 3 in Vienna. In any case, don't split your time in Vienna. You will be spending more time and money in transport doing it that way.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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Both cities have great nightlife (Vienna is underrated as a nightlife spot) but Berlin's scene is a little more present and happening. I wouldn't be bored with Vienna for 5 days, because I like museums and stuff too. If you don't, I'd split the time between Berlin and Vienna. Both will be cold, Berlin maybe a little colder, but nothing that you probably don't experience in Ohio.

Posted by Alex
Columbus, Ohio
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Andrea, you got that right. Ideally i would have liked to fly from Rome to berlin and berlin to vienna and vienna to states but the time i wanna depart from rome is such that i cannot find a flight from Rome to berlin so i am stuck with spending the 1st and last day in Vienna.