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Vienna or Basel?

My wife & I are taking a river cruise trip starting in Vienna & ending in Basel.
Which place would choose to take an extra day (and why)?

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Absolutely incredible art, history and music. It's one of the old style European cities in the continental style.

It and other great European cities are actually worthy of more than just one extra day.

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Vienna. Art (especially if you are a fan of Klimt - what a collection), music (like no where else), Schonbrunn palace (wonderful day trip and be sure to take an apple strudel and coffee break), museum quarter, etc.

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Vienna, but take extra days - there is way to much to see and do in just one extra day.

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You must be kidding. I’m sure Basel has some nice museums and a good old town, but how could a run of the mill city compare to Vienna? It can’t. We’re talking about Vienna after all. Personally, I would go back to Vienna before going back to Paris. Why? The history, the culture, the architecture, the palaces, the museums, the cathedrals, the Spanish Riding School...I could go on and on. And with the exception of Schönbrunn, Vienna is super compact, so you can squeeze many major sites into a single day. Still, Vienna merits several days. Just go to the bookstore or library and look for travel guides for Vienna and for Basel. You’ll find plenty on Vienna and none on Basel. There’s a reason for that. Happy planning!

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I’m sure Basel has some nice museums and a good old town, but how could a run of the mill city compare to Vienna?<

Well, doesn't Rick Steves recommend just 2 days for Vienna but 6 days for Prague? It always amazes me how underrated Vienna is, especially compared to Prague and Budapest.
So, another vote for Vienna. Try to add a few days if possible, the city offers enough for at least a week... imperial palaces, great museums, a cuisine from all corners of the former Austrian empire, vineyards and wine villages, shops that already served the emperor, a great coffee culture etc..

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If you have that extra time, I heartily suggest spend it in Vienna. That city is worth at least a week of your time, (plus repeat visits); among the reasons, as pointed out above, the coffee culture and the cuisine.

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Three different places, three different experiences (I skip Basel because I don’t know a thing about it). A trip to Prague is centered around a few very well defined and somewhat compact zones in which you can see some brilliant renovated (or well maintained) medieval and baroque architecture. The downside is the crowds. It can be very Disneyland like. Vienna has a larger historic center jam packed full of museums and imperial architecture. A little larger, a little less frequently visited and a little less crowded. If you enjoy the arts this may be the place for you. The only downside is that the performing arts have become such a popular reason for visiting Vienna that the performances are not as much local culture as they are tourist attractions. Budapest is primarily about the 19th century. The downtown districts are very much today as they were in 1896. While a smaller arts scene it remains true to the culture of the city. This place you live as much as you visit. The only down side is that some of the town still remains a little “rustic” but some say that’s part of its charm.

I suggest a balance of 3 full days in Prague, 2 full days in Vienna and 4 full days in Budapest. A full day is not an arrival or a departure day.