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Vienna first with Salzburg second, or vice versa?

This will be our first trip to Austria (and last trip there for a long time so we want to make the most of it). We have almost a week to divide in Vienna (about 3 nights) and Salzburg (about 2 nights). We arrive on a Monday night (10:30 PM) to Vienna and depart Austria from Vienna on the following Sunday morning (10:30 AM). (Our late arrival complicates things.) Which is better to see during the week, and which is better to see the last days of the week plus the weekend? Which is the better itinerary?: Vienna Monday night, Salzburg Tuesday-Thursday morning, and Vienna Thursday-Sunday morning -or-
Vienna Monday night-Thursday morning, Salzburg Thursday-Saturday, Vienna Saturday night-Sunday morning? I'm leaning towards Salzburg first, and then Vienna second for the nightlife. But I don't want to miss out anything that might be closed on the weekend. Is 2 nights too much for Salzburg with not enough time for Vienna? Or should we give Vienna more time at Salzburg's expense? What about the lakes near Salzburg? Thanks!

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