We will be arriving by train from Venice late afternoon on June 12 and only have the next day to take in the sites. We are staying at a hotel by the airport because our flight leaves very early the next morning. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good local restaurant in the city for dinner? What is the best and fastest mode of transporation from the city to the airport? Other that seeing the Freud museum we don't have anything in particular in mind to visit. any suggestions? Maybe some things near the museum? Thanks. Linda

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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S7 S-bahn to Wien Mitte station. Do not take the CAT. What is your budget for your dinner? For good traditional Austrian cuisine go to Gasthaus Poschl, Weihburggasse 17, 1010 Vienna Phone:+43 1 5135288. Great place without tourists...reserve, reserve. If you want the tourist thing (yawn) go to Figulmueller or Greichenbeisel. Before and after your meal you can wander the center of the old city easily. Have a nice Kaffee and dessert over at Cafe Diglas(Wollzeile 10) then wander back to Wien Mitte station and take the S-bahn back to the airport.

Posted by Thomas
Vienna, Austria
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CAT is expensive. But fast. 16 minutes from airport to Wien Mitte. Once you make your way into the heart of the first district, it is easy to stroll around in what is mainly a pedestrian zone. In mid June you will have daylight until about 9pm. Plenty of time to find an outdoor café table for a cocktail on the Graben (tourist central) or Franziskaner Platz (quaint but small). For dinner, one of my current favorites is: Inside it is very atmospheric. Food is good. It's not super expensive, but its not on the cheap end either. Another favourite is "Bieradies" on Judenplatz. Outdoor dining on a cobblestone square. It's not fancy, but the food and prices are good. Reservations are always a good idea in the 1st district in summer. In April, May, June and September, the Vienna Opera House stages free live performances on a huge screen outside the building. The Opera Live on the Square transmits those operas that are being performed inside the house. Performances are popular and usually start at 7.30pm. Have a great trip! P.S., The Freud Museum is not centrally located in the first district but will require a little excursion on public transit. Its not like its horribly far out, but its not in the thick of things.

Posted by Sarah
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Thomas, I had dinner at that place last time I was in Vienna! Really good classic Vienese food. The inside looked cool, but it was a warm summer night and we found the outdoor eating area very atmospheric and lovely as well. Not super cheap, but we browsed menus at other restaurants first and it seemed like a relatively good value for what we were getting. The CAT only saves you a few minutes over the regular airport train, but you pay a lot more. Avoid the CAT. As for the rest, it really depends on your interests. I loved the Kunsthistorisches art museum. If you're into Hapsburg history (and who isn't? Lol) the crypt at St. Stephen's and/or the Hapsburg tomb at the Caupchipin kloster are creepy fun. I also really enjoyed the daytime tour of the Opera House. There's a ton of things to do in Vienna, though, so I suggest doing some thorough research and seeing what interests you.

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Thomas, I had forgotten about the Pretzel. It is very nice indeed, loved their Kurbis soup, had better Tiroler G'rostl in Lech am Arlberg (but that is to be expected). Linda,
If you wander over to the Spittelberg district you could eat at the Witwe Bolte or Spatzennest, both serve good Austrian fare.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, These two restaurants I had the chance to try out myself and are recommendable as the "local restaurant(s)." 1. Zu den zwei Lieseln (recommended to me by an employee at the hostel), Burggasse 63. Very good if you like Schnitzel, not at all pricey. 2. Schnitzelwirt, Neubaugasse 52., ca 15-20 mins. walk from Westbahnhof, same as above, but less expensive. Neither of these places was teeming with tourists at lunch.