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Vienna-Best palace pass/ticket

Hello All, I plan to visit Vienna in June with my husband and 8 yr old. We are history enthusiasts and therefore wish to visit both the Schonnbrunn as well as the Hofburg palaces. I was wondering if there is a good ticket/pass that will cover the best of both palaces as well as some other residences/palaces in and around Vienna....Something in the lines of the Bavarian castle pass.. Please do let me know. Any assistance is deeply appreciated. Sincerely,

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At Schonnbrunn Palace there is a carriage museum. A separate ticket and building from the palace.

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My wife and I are going to Vienna next week. We purchased our combo tickets online. It's called a Sisi ticket, and it covers the Schonnbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Apartments and the Furniture Museum. It costs what it would to get into the Schonnburnn Palace and the Hofburg Apartments combined., so essentially the Furniture Museum is free. Also, and most importantly, you don't need an assigned time to the Schonnbrunn, you can just show up and enter. Of course, you can also purchase this ticket while you are in Vienna. But I figure anything that can be done in advance is a time-saver, plus it helps to pay for some things in advance, makes that final bill a little easier to swallow. You can buy the tickets on the Schonnbrunn website and print them out. I don't remember what it was in euros, but it cost us roughly $60-$65 for the pair. Good luck

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For Schoenbrunn, make sure you go either early AM or late in the day. You will not be mobbed by the huge amounts of tourists that sweep in on the buses if you do this. Make sure to take the time to explore the gardens around Schoenbrunn...simply marvelous. Hoffburg is best done early AM. The buses all will start streaming in at 10 AM.