Vienna's Semmering Railway Experience Train

I am traveling to Vienna soon and I am very interested in taking a beautiful scenic train known as the "Semmering Railway Experience Train." In German I think that it is referred to as the "Erlebniszug." Apparently this is a very beautiful scenic railway to take, and it is an UNESCO world heritage site. However, I can't figure out: 1. How can I find the train schedule for this slow, scenic train specifically? All of the train websites that I can find only seem to list the faster commuter trains on the same rail line. 2. Would this train be covered by a EuRail Global Pass? Any insight from anyone who knows about this train or who has taken this train would be wonderful!

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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Try posting your inquiry on Tripadvisor in the Vienna Forum. There are many experts there who can probably help you out.

Posted by James
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Stay away from those TA people they tend to be a little ..... Anyway, If you like trains you might look at these two sites one in Hungary and one in Bulgaria. While the Austrian train is about the stunning scenery, the Hungarian trips are about the equipment and a unique experience and the Bulgaria trip is pure exotic culture. I couldn't find a site that does the Bulgarian experience justice but you can see some photos at