Versailles to Chartres?

Is it possible to take the train from Versailles to Chartres without having to double back to Paris? The French train website refuses to tell me, and the RailEurope website doesn't recognize "Versailles" as a valid starting point. (Based on these and past experiences, I firmly believe that all train websites hate me. But I'm not at all paranoid. Really.)

My tour group will be spending the morning at Versailles, and then I'd like to spend the rest of the day in Chartres if possible. If Versailles - Chartres is a valid route, does anyone know how long the journey is and approximately how much the second-class, adult fare is on a weekday afternoon?

Posted by Eric
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You don't have to go all the way to central Paris, but because the Versaille - Rive Gauche station is a terminus, you'll have to backtrack a little to get to the main line. Take a look at the map at this website. The train to Chartres is just to the southwest of Versaille Rive Gauche. It looks like you have to go back as far as Viroflay Rive Gauche which isn't too far. That may be your starting point for buying a ticket.

Posted by Norm
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I'm pretty sure the thru trains to Chartres don't stop at the Viroflay's more for commuter traffic. However, they do stop at the Versailles-Chantiers station, which is "behind" the Versailles Rive Gauche station you arrive at....the journey from there to Chartres is about an hour. It's about a mile from the entrance to Versailles to the Versailles-Chantier station, less than twice the distance you'll walk from the Rive Gauche station to the palace entrance. To get a look at how it's laid out, go to and enter these geographic coordinates (48.795836, 2.135949). The map will be centered on the Chantiers station. Switch on satellite view and you'll get a good look at the station. You'll see the Rive Gauche station off to the northwest (upper left) and the Versailles palace a little bit further in that same direction. Of course, you could also take a taxi...5 minutes or less.

Posted by Teresa
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Thanks, Eric and Norm. (And check out Norm with the actual coordinates!) At least now I know the route is possible.

If anyone else has some idea of the fare, I'd still like to know that.

Posted by Tim
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Depending upon the time of day, direct regional trains from Versailles Chantiers to Chartres take from 48 to 58 minutes. The fare is €10.90.

Posted by Tim
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Yes, Teresa, that's a single (one-way) fare. FYI, if you will be taking the train from Chartres to Paris at the end of the day, the fare is €12.90.

Posted by Evan
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What is the actual train station that you would get off at for Chartres?