Versailles, Louvre and Giverny

Is there a certain gate or line to get into Versailles if you have the Paris Museum Pass so you don't have to wait as long? Also which is the best entrance to go into the Louvre ( with the museum pass)? How about Giverny as far as a shorter line to get in with an advanced ticket?

Posted by Sarah
St. Louis, MO USA
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Hi Susan. My sister and I were in Paris in September, and the crowds were still plenty big. We had the Paris Museum Pass when we went to Versailles, and we just entered the courtyard through the big gates like everyone else. We had to go through the security line which was very short, and off to the left inside the gates. I'm not even sure where the main entrance is, for people without passes. As for the Louvre, there are 2 lines at the pyramid entrance: one for ticket holders and one for ticket buyers. We got in the (very short) ticket holders line and showed our passes to the ticket agent, and went right in.

Posted by Susan
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In my experience going to the Louvre many times, the lines are always much shorter (or non-existent) if you enter from the underground shopping center. Entrance is on rue de Rivoli.